Hands That Listen Wendi L Davis, LMT NCBMT

My Mission

Touch is a very basic human need. Much healing, balancing and grounding can be achieved through properly applied therapeutic and holistic touch. Using the philosophy that every individual is unique, I incorporate a tailored massage to each client to meet their personal needs. A large percent of my work has focused on patients with chronic health issues and chronic pain. I also work with the Alzheimer and Dementia population bringing elements of basic touch to weekly mini-massage sessions.

As a dedicated health, holistic and advanced Reiki practitioner, my mission for every session is to utilize various modalities proven effective in increasing mobility, relieving stress and chronic pain as well as to listen to the natural flow of energy and address any blockages I may find as I move along the body's pathways. An initial assessment and just a few minutes of time on my table allows me to professionally and intuitively incorporate the most relaxing and effective massage for you. 

Healthfully Yours,
Wendi L Davis, LMT